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Monday, June 15, 2015

Wedding Planner

Given the chance to add another notebook or planner to my life, I will jump at the chance. My stationary collection boarders on the line of hoarder but they all have a purpose...or will all have one someday. So when husband and I started planning our Church wedding, I jumped into research for the perfect wedding planner. I am not very traditional in the sense that I want a fairly tale wedding. More so, I want our wedding to focus on who we are, our family traditions, and the flair of our surroundings. 

Being the massive Lara Casey fan that I am, I am also a fan of her work over on Southern Weddings. It centers around the culture and traditions only people living in the South could really know. It placed value in the peace one can find sipping on iced tea while sitting on the porch on a hot summer night. The importance of manners and thank you cards. The love for one another. It was a community I knew all too well.

This year Southern Weddings released their Southern Weddings Planner and I do not think that I discovered it right before its release date to be a coincidence. I was not just taken by its beautiful white exterior with gold detailing, but by the description of what this planner is intended to be. It states that it "encourages brides to plan marriages more beautiful than their weddings" and its contents will "help couples begin married life in a joyful and intentional way". That is exactly my vision of what I want for us. Yes a lovely wedding, but more importantly, not to loose sight of what 'marriage' actually is. 

The planner is gorgeous inside and out. The cover is made of cotton with a linen feel. It is very sturdy and has room inside to grow so you can feel free to add in any additional inspiration. It guides you through the entire process from engagement to wedding celebration with various checklists and deeper content. Each section is intended to be filled out not just by the bride, but as a collaborative effort between the bride and groom. That is very special to me because I want to make sure I honor what husband wants for us as well. Once completed it will become a memory book of sorts for husband and I to look over for years after. Priceless. 

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