Life in Mascara: Women Getting Things Done: Joahna Pinuelas Akalin

Monday, June 29, 2015

Women Getting Things Done: Joahna Pinuelas Akalin

I am fueled with creativity and inspiration from those around me and so this month I thought I would feature someone whom I grew up with and admire. My friend Joahna and I met many moons ago in Catholic school. After I moved we kept in touch here and there as things tend to happen but thanks to social media we found each other again some years back. Looking into her life I am touched to see her get married and have a beautiful son. Joahna has always been an upbeat and creative soul so when she launched her online business I knew it was the right fit for her. But I am going to let her tell her story and I hope it inspires you as much as it has for me.

Hi, My name is Joahna! I am the creative soul behind Funky&Little.  I was born and raised in Southern California and I attended The Art Institute of California where I studied Interior Design.  While in college I met my husband in sunny San Diego and 8 years later we had a beautiful little boy, Enzo. Soon after having him I decided to leave the corporate world and become a stay at home Mom. Although being a Mom is the best job I've ever had, I always felt like there was something missing. I yearned for a creative outlet and that is where Funky&Little was created.  

I am inspired by art, music, fashion and travel but my biggest inspiration is my son Enzo.  

During a family trip to Turkey, I discovered the "harem style" pant that have been worn there for over 2,000 years. My creativity started flowing and I started designing a contemporary "harem style" pant for children in funky prints that were practical, stylish, and of course play-ready.  I love designing children's clothing and I hope you will love them too.

I really feel like from the moment I wake up, I hit the floor running. I really couldn’t accomplish everything I do without the help of my husband. As a stay at home Mom/business owner my family life always comes first and I’m extremely grateful to have such a supportive husband that is always willing to lend a helping hand whether it’s cleaning the kitchen or cutting fabric with me.
I’ve always taken great pride in my work but even more so now that I own my own business. I have developed a self trust in order to over come huge obstacles in becoming secure in my ability to find solutions in everyday challenges. I would say a great piece of advice for fellow women entrepreneurs is to build a set of goals and vision for yourself and always trust your instincts and new ideas. In the future I hope to see my business grow and definitely introduce new items to the Funky&Little brand. 

Funky&Little has been kind enough to offer my readers a 15% coupon at her shop with the code MASCARA15. It will be valid for 30 days. So go now and take a look at all the amazing pieces at her shop. We here at Life in Mascara are BIG fans!

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