Life in Mascara: 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

Friday, July 10, 2015

5 Favorite YouTube Channels

Days can go by and where will I be? In bed with my dogs watching YouTube. Here are my favs:

Gabriella Lindley

She is my absolute fav! Sassy, no nonsense, realistic. Super talented singer. I have been watching her videos since she started as I first came across her on Instagram. Her vlog channel is amazing as well. 

Vivianna Does Makeup

This woman is so cheery and smiley. I love that. She incorporates beauty, travel, fitness, and food into her very well made videos. She also does weekly vlogs where we get a glimpse of Mark, her boyfriend, who is down right adorable and together they make an adorable couple. 

Lily Pebbles

You can't watch Anna's videos and not know who Lily is. Together they do monthly Beauty Chat videos which is basically like a bunch of girl friends (technically two and then there is me pretending to be with them...not creepy) talking about all things beauty related. Her style is similar to Anna's which means she incorporates beauty, lifestyle, fashion, travel, and food. She also vlogs and with her we get Rich who is also very handsome. Lily puts a lot of effort into the techy side of her videos and it shows. She produces high quality videos.

Jaclyn Hill

Loud, fun, and silly. A true makeup artist. If you are a lover of warm toned eye shadow and really want a makeup tutorial that will be all things glam, then Jaclyn Hill is for you!

Amelia Liana

Her dog, her obsession with chocolate, her late night tea drinks. More so than her beauty videos, I love her vlogs. I have some serious closet envy for her but with a body like that, well I would too!

Let me know who your favorite YouTubers are. I am always on the lookout for more!

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