Life in Mascara: Birthday Month

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Birthday Month

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Today is my birthday. Yyyaaaaayyyyy!!!! Whether it be mine or that of my loved ones, I simply just love birthdays. I believe they are meant to be celebrated and be thankful for one more year the baby Jesus has given us. Since my last birthday I have relaunched my blog, moved, got married, did my first triathlon, and so much more. I am thankful! I am blessed!

During this month I will be doing things a bit differently. Since it is my birthday month I wanted to focus on my favorite everything. So during this time I will be posting 5 of my favorite (fill in the blank) each post. Some will be pictures I take, some will be collages. I will be traveling a lot and this will give me some free time to enjoy my family and rest.

I hope you enjoy this further look into my world, into what is Life in Mascara. I thank you so much for coming here and reading what I have to say. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to any of you July babies! Much love and blessings your way.