Life in Mascara: The 5 Must Read Blogs

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The 5 Must Read Blogs

These are the blogs that I turn to on a daily basis. All images are their own and were borrowed with the sole intent and purpose that you check out these lovely ladies and all the hard work they have done.


This #girlboss can add author and clothes designer to her long list of attributes. Her blog is all things: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, crafts, food. Anything you have ever thought of, she has probably written about it. This year she also became a mom and I may or may not have sobbed with her adorable video announcement. 


Jane was still in high school when I started reading her blog. Texas native, Paris Ball debutante, designer, model, world traveler, this young woman has a style all her own. I can see a lot of her inspiration came from her mother Judy who was a model in the 80's and who also has a style that I envy. Her blog is more mainstream now and I will say that I do miss some of her early easier posts where her and her mom would just take the camera and shoot and Jane would post some of her doodles as well. Obviously we must all grow up but I think you would enjoy reading her blog all the way to the beginning. (please read note below)


The amazing work this beautiful women does will blow you away. She is a major source of inspiration to me and is the reason I started practicing calligraphy in the first place. I am crossing my fingers to one day be able to take one of her water color calligraphy classes. Also, no one can decorate a bar cart like she can. NO ONE. I actually long to have her do a water color piece for our wedding. A girl can dream...


Posting about 5 small articles a day, The Glitter Guide is an all life points website that you can turn to. They highlight food, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, travel but what I also like is that it talks about the contributors personal life as well. We have seen some of them get engaged, get married, have children, move. All of life's normal steps and that is what makes it personal for me. I feel like I know these women and for that I value what they have to say.


Discovering this blog for me was a bit of a spiritual awakening. Lisamarie talks openly about her relationship with God and the steps she takes on a daily basis to strengthen it. This is something I have been trying to work at and I do not think that me having come across her page at the exact moment that I did was a coincidence. Of course, she is a driven person with a strong work ethic that I can admire and shares a planner passion that I know all too well.

NOTE: None of these amazing women know that I am featuring them as part of this post. I have read all of their blogs from their first post on and while we may have different beliefs, views, and tastes it does not deter me from valuing the work that the do. 

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