Life in Mascara: Top 5 Teas

Monday, July 20, 2015

Top 5 Teas

1. Bigelow Green Tea with Mint- I will preface this by saying that I do not like green tea at all but this is the only one I can really stand. I drink it on an empty stomach almost every morning because it helps with bloating and tummy troubles.

2. PG Tips- A very strong British black tea. When I first started drinking it, it was too strong for me and I would only steep it for about a minute. But it is so rich and delicious. When I want a true tea party experience, I reach for this.

3. Honey Vanilla Chamomile- This is soothing to the soul and the nerves. Drink when you need to relax or right before bed. It's like a hug in a tea cup.

4. Mighty Leaf Organic Breakfast- I like this one for an every day morning tea. Not too strong that it hurts my belly, but strong enough that it still waked me up and gets me going.

5. Twinings English Breakfast Tea- Just a true nostalgic tea for me. Will forever remind me of my first trip to the East Coast to visit my brother and he introduced my to drinking hot tea with milk and sugar. Heavenly.


  1. I am a true southern girl with my iced tea. I don't really do hot tea BUT I am thinking about trying #3. Where do you find it? The regular grocery store?

    1. I bought it at Target but I have seen it everywhere. It is very soothing. I think it would be a great addition to the upcoming fall months. Can help get you into seasonal living mode.