Life in Mascara: August 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Runner's Prayer


This post was slotted to appear this Friday. However, after this weekends events, it needed to be altered and it needed to go up today. Let me explain...

This weekend I got in the car with two of my girlfriends beach bound. It was something we had been planning since the summer and after being back at work for a couple of weeks for them (a month for me) we were ready for a little getaway. The plan was to lay on the beach and do absolutely nothing else. We drove off, had dinner, and I drove us over the long bridge into the island where we would be staying. It was pitch black and after a couple of wrong turns, we reached our hotel. We were tired but in good spirits and just layed around talking. The conversation turned towards the annual marathon we do in December and if I thought I would be able to do it this year because of my toes. Proudly I told the girls I was ready to run again. I had already written in my planner that my first day of training would be this Friday. I had mentally committed and was already planning my routine.

I woke up early the next morning listening as always for my dogs and looking for my husband with my foot. As the haze of sleep wore off and I heard the separate breathing of my two friends, I remembered where I was and felt the peace that only lazy beach days can bring. I texted my husband to get a sense of what his morning with the boys and the dogs was like. I began to go about my morning routine still attached to my phone as we do. I looked into Facebook and began to notice that my feed was inundated with picture after picture of a face that looked vaguely familiar. Someone I had met a very long time ago. I finally clicked on one and went cold as I saw all the condolence comments beneath it. 

At 7:30 a.m. Monday morning a driver lost control of his truck, jumped the curve, and hit the 3 women that were on the sidewalk out for a morning walk (full article here). As the details began to unfold, it is believed that this 22 year old man had been on his phone and was not paying attention. Because of his negligence, two women are dead and one is in critical condition. This has also left a 5 month old, a 1 year old, and a toddler with out their mothers; husbands without their wives; parents without their daughters. This accident has caused a lot of heartache in the close knit community of Laredo, TX and the running community in surrounding areas.

I don't know if you know but I am kind of a big deal. I am somebody to my husband, my boys, my dogs, my family, and my friends. And you know what? You are also a big deal. We are always somebody to someone and I think sometimes we forget. In the blink of an eye our actions can have catastrophic effects to others and even to ourselves. Those women are gone, but that man's life is also over. And the thing is, he was somebody to someone. Anything can wait if it means the safety of your life and those around you.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sephora Haul

This summer I wore little to no makeup and really didn't pick up any new products but rather focused on finishing what I already had. But come the start of the new school year, I was like every kid out there wanting a new outfit and new makeup. So here is what I picked up. I will do a review on these products as I use them and get back to you guys. Happy Friday!

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum $20

Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer $35

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer $28

Sephora Collection Outrageous Curl $12

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bachelorette $20

Let me know if you have used any of these and what you think. Tweet me @lifeinmascara. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Empties #5

It has been a bit since I did an empties post so here is all the things that I have used up:

Trader Joe's Shave- All things honey and mango and absolutely 
creamy. I have been using only this since I last discovered it and am well into my second bottle. 

Estelle & Thild Face Cream Rose Otto- I very much enjoyed using this face cream and was sad when it finished as I have no where close by to repurchase it. I can order it online but as it is already an expensive product, the shipping fees just aren't worth it. I happened upon this product at Marshall's and keep my eyes open every time I pop in. It is very rich but the skin soaks it right up and leaves it feeling very soft and not greasy. Give it a go if you can.

It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin- I am pretty sure it took me a good 2 years or so to get through this bottle. No joke. My hairdresser gave me several bottles of this and I shared with my loved ones because I just couldn't get through them. Works well at protecting my hair but I don't see the wow factor. 

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Mist & Set- Probably my favorite e.l.f. product ever. I have gone through numerous bottles and will continue to do so. You guys know I love all things e.l.f. and this product is just perfect for my everyday use.

L'Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner- Jet black, stays put, and easy to apply. Much like all of L'Oreal's liquid eyeliner. You just can't go wrong with them.

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue- I kept this in my desk drawer at work and probably applied about 5 times a day. Mainly because I am slightly addicted to the minty tingle on my lips but also because it is so hydrating. Will be a repurchase for sure. 

Moringa Body Butter- The consistency of the body butter itself is exactly like the other which is rich and moisturizing on the body. The scent however, screams old lady. I had a hard time finishing it. 

Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil- It was a sad day in my beauty world when I finished the last pump of this oil. Prior to this I had never used an oil to remove my makeup. It seemed almost wrong. But after this, I am a convert and in all honestly miss the luxurious feeling of massaging this all over my face.

Trader Joe's Micellar Cleanser & Makeup Remover Towelettes- A miss for Trader Joe's here and it comes as a shocker to me since I heart all things Trader Joe's. But I found these wipes to be a bit too dry and tugged on the skin. Not what I was expecting. It felt like they weren't infused enough with micellar water. 

Acure Cell Stimulating Argan Stem Cell Argan Oil Body Wash- Nice scent, rich lather, left skin lightly moisturized. However, don't rush and purchase this as you could pretty much get the same results from a drugstore version.

I hope these product reviews come in handy to you. Let me know if you have tried these items. You can always reach out to me on Twitter @lifeinmascara. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

This Week in My MAMBI Happy Planner

As summer comes to a close and the kids return to school, the adults that work in a school need one more adventure. So off I go this weekend with the girls to an end of summer beach trip. So obviously I went a little heavy with the stickers this week, especially on the weekend. Primarily I used the Michael's sticker books but still used some of my trusty Etsy shop stickers.

Sidenote: I had someone ask me how my husband still lets me go out with my girlfriends. After the initial shock and surely eye twitch this remark left me I simply said my husband does not have to 'let me' do anything. He does not see me as his possession. We have a relationship built upon mutual friendship and trust and we both support and encourage each others endeavors. That being said, I spent 10 years being considered someones possession. No more and never again. 

Arrow, crockpot, popsicle, and car- Pookie Bear Cuties

Brunch eggs and bacon- Planner Heaven

Long blue flag, short red flag, and little envelope- The Planner Junkie

Weigh in Sticker and short red flag- Sweet Kawaii Design

Don't forget to show me how you plan using #planwithmascara.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Plans May Not Be God's Plans

After my summer trip back home to L.A., I was ready to get back into my daily routine. School would start back up again which would mean I would be back at work within days of arriving. I began to ease back into my daily life, enjoying my last days of summer. Having already plans for an end of summer beach trip and two competitive runs, I began to look at my running schedule. I had purchased new running shoes ready for when my toe healed and I was ready to hit the pavement. I was eager to get back into it. My heart was ready to run a full marathon and to pray the rosary during the hardest of miles. Training would begin.

Then I broke my toe and all my running plans came to a screeching halt. Both runs had to be canceled and replaced with a visit to the Podiatrist. I was not amused. In fact, I was down right upset. I was finally at a point where I knew I was ready. I had asked God to show me the way, to tell me in my heart when I should take the leap and just run my heart out for Him. He gave that to me and now He was taking it away? It just didn't seem fair to me. 

As the pain subsided and my anger faded, my prayers kept turning to Him for clarity. I wanted Him to show me the way again and help me understand. I began to think about all the things I had on my plate months ago when I began on this journey and what I had going on now (aside from an added broken toe). Had things changed? Yes. Had I changed? Yes. Would training be more difficult? Yes, probably so. Was it an the end of the day the best thing for my body at this time to put the stress of running 23.2 miles on a big toe which refuses to heal almost a year later? More than likely not. God gave me a plan and then changed it for me as I changed in order to better prepare me for when my time really came. I hear you Lord. I am listening. I will be ready when you call me again. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

This Week in My MAMBI

Having way too much fun decorating my MAMBI The Happy Planner on a weekly basis. This is how I am decorating this week:

These crock pot stickers from Pookie Bear Cuties are a real life saver. You will note that I wrote 'Set it' on it as last week I failed to plug it in before going to work and come home to a soggy mess. My fox and cross are also from this shop

All the pen, hearts, hello, hey, sun glasses, and bow tie is from an adorable set from The Planner Junkie

My weekend banner and boba tea are from Little Surprise Shoppe.

My weekly weigh in sticker is from Sweet Kawaii Design

Don't forget to show me your planning process with #planwithmascara. Happy planning!

Friday, August 14, 2015

It's the Little Things

I was sitting at my desk the other day admiring my handiwork (read hot mess status) and was starting to get really down on myself for not being able to keep a clean house. I started to tidy things up and found that as I was putting things away, I was 'staging' some other items. When I stepped back I noticed that I was intentionally leaving out the items that were currently making me happy. It made me smile, take a moment, and just appreciate the beauty in the unorderly. 

Kate Spade Ipad cover (no longer available) and Ipad (a very thoughtful gift from Husband for my birthday).

An adorable new notepad with ALL of my names from Vistaprint

A GIANT paperclip I made using a puffy sticker representing my love for California. It will always be home. It looks great in my MAMBI.

A birthday gift to myself from the Kendra Scott color bar line. I went for the rose gold option and I couldn't be happier. Sidenote, if you register with them you can pick one item during your birthday month for 50% off. Um yyyaaaassssss!!!!

Long delicate gold necklace from Target can be seen worn here. I have been wearing it nonstop.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask in Champagne is the only thing on my lips these days. It is ALL the good things for your lips. A slight tint that brings out the summer bronze and glow from your skin. Plus it is so hydrating! Has definitely done a lot to repair my chapped summer lips. 

The cutest coffee stickers from JuJu All Over. I just want to drink coffee all day erryday so I can stick these all over my planner. Heck, I want to stick one right in the center of my forehead like a gold star. That's allowed when you are an adult. But seriously, this Etsy shop has some of the cutest stickers out there. I live all my Disney and Super Hero dreams through them. Head over there and show them some love and if you order something from them, let them know I sent you. I would love for them to know I am helping to spread the word. They deserve it! And no I do not get anything in return, I just support small businesses and this shop is one of them. 

Life has a funny way of making us stop when we need it the most. I've crashed. I've burned. I don't want to do that again. Instead I choose to be appreciative of what I have, not just the materialistic items that serve as eye candy and a gentle push at catching my attention, but of all that God has given me. Happy Friday everyone. Much love and blessings your way!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Strobing seems to have taken over the beauty world and no other highlight can do it better than Champagne Pop, the recent collaboration by beauty youtube guru Jaclyn Hill. It is a soft white gold with peachy pink undertones. It applies flawlessly to the skin, like all Becca products, and lasts all day. It catches the light beautifully. I like to apply it with this e.l.f. mineral powder brush because of the nice dome packed brush. It fits over the cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose, and above the eyebrows perfectly. Skip on the contour, highlight a bit, and glow baby glow!

Monday, August 10, 2015

This Week in my MAMBI

Who would have thought that planning would become such a creative outlet for me? In last weeks post, I shared with you what I had been doing for my MAMBI planner, a mesh of planning and scrapbooking. It received such positive feedback from you guys that I thought I would start to share these more often to hopefully give you some inspiration for your upcoming week.

This blazing hot week made me think of my time living in Arizona and how I wasn't able to make it out there this summer. So I went with a cacti theme in its honor. Below is a list of the shops where I purchased most of the stickers. Shops are tagged on my Instagram @lifeinmascara.

MAMI Sticker Book

Pookie Bear Cuties

Little Surprise Shoppe

The Planner Junkie Inc.

Sweet Kawaii Design

I would love to see how you decorate your planner. Please tag me on Instagram or Twitter with #planwithmascara. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I Didn't Plan for MAMBI

Let's be #plannercomadres she said. It'll be fun she said. She never said I would be broke buying so many stickers from my favorite Etsy shops here, here, and here. Let me rewind a bit. I am a feverish planner. I carry two at all times, keep another at work, and then email husband on a weekly basis of the current weeks plans. I cannot in good faith operate any other way and while for some it may make them loose their minds trying to keep up with lists, it is the only thing that keeps me sane. 

Recently my girlfriend/collegeroomate/bestie introduced me to the world of decorative planners. I had no idea there was a whole world of awesome planner ladies out there who are as obsessed as I am with planning, notebooks, stickers, and washi tape. Brought on by the Erin Condren planner craze, these women have found a way to mesh planning with scrapbooking. I have started to keep my planners and often refer back to them for that book I wanted to read and scribbled the name on the side of the margin in the month of May (yes, it has happened and yes I can recall random facts like that and yes I am creepy). But the thing is, aside from color coding my planners, they are just that and hold no memory keeping sake.

During a craft shopping spree at Hobby Lobby, I came across Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI) Create 365 The Happy Planner. This is an 18 month planner in its first version. It is a fraction of the price as some of the higher range options and has a similar layout in boxed setting as the Erin Condren. This is an arc based system which allows you to add and remove all kinds of inserts. MAMBI sells a variety of them but don't be afraid to make your own or download some of their free ones. 

I am having a blast creating my weekly spreads using stickers, Target Dollar Spot finds, and even creating my own stickers out of fun Pinterest images or my own Instagram pics (@lifeinmascara). One thing I also did was add in some blank sheets at the start of each month. My intention is to have a 'Brain Dump' at the start of the month and then have a 'How Are You Now' moment at the end of the month to reflect on what had been bothering me at the time. I like the convenience of having it all in one adorably gold polka dotted planner. So fancy! And so orderly! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Reading Challenge Update #6

Thanks to being off for 5 weeks straight (perks of working in an elementary school, I was able to get quite a bit of reading done. Not as much as I would have liked, but 1 book per week worked out great for me:

1. Reached by Ally Condie- this book helped complete my 'A Trilogy' section for the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. In this book we see the story come full circle as with most trilogies. The heroin really blossoms and takes control of her life and the situation in which she finds herself in. The love triangle, of course, finds itself a happy ending, and the dystopian society begins its steps to rebuild itself. All in all, I enjoyed the trilogy. It can be a bit 'teenagery' at times and there is so much reference to poetry that it made me go cross eyed a bit, but worth the read.

2. The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel- this book had been living on my shelf for about 3 years. I looked at it, dusted its cover off, and placed it right back on its shelf. After reading Reached, I wanted something light and airy that I could get through rather quickly before going on my summer vacation. I read it in 2 days. I wasn't expecting that but apparently when you hunker down with 3 lap dogs, you just lay there and read. This was a fun book as I anticipated. It centers around the friendship, and falling out of friendship, of two women from the time they are teenagers until well into their 60's. Reading the early years was really sentimental to me as I too communicated for years with my childhood best friend via mail (as in handwritten letters not email) for years after moving to Texas, and as we grew older, we became distant and had a falling out. I haven't spoken to her in about 9 years and occasionally think about taking the high road and contacting her. Then I regress and become a child again and don't. But I digress...really though, all this played out in these two main characters. Taking you through the turmoils of growing up, drinking, college, sex, marriage, work, and most importantly, family drama. This book has it by the shedloads and it is what kept me intrigued until the end. Through out the book we get various recipes that the girls exchanged via their correspondence. I am apt to try one out. This book fulfills the 'A book with a love triangle' based on the supportive characters but still has a HUGE impact on the main characters. 

3. The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige- I was beyond eager to start this book as I have read all the previous ones. I am a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan and love reading all the spinoff's like the Wicked series. When I found Paige's books, it was just in time for the release of it's first book and I was hooked! The story line takes place after Dorothy returns to Kansas and then a second return to Oz. Dorothy is no longer the sweet innocent child corrupted by all the dark magic of Oz. An order of witches is formed to help take her down and restore Oz to its once magical and pure form. So much magic and whimsy jumping off the pages. I even tweeted Paige telling her that as I read I kept having to remind myself that there isn't a movie in the works but I can totally see it happening and would be beyond excited for it! She replied (eekk major geek moment!) and said she sees it all played out in her mind as well. You have to love technology these days that you can actually reach out to someone who would other wise be completely unreachable to you. This book fulfills the 'A Book with Magic'.  

4. The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence by Jessica Ortner- this was an interesting read for me. I had first hear of EFT on Jess Lively's Podcast interview of Gala Darling. I took it all with a grain of salt and thought 'well good that it worked for her' but never gave it another thought. This summer though, my sister told me about this book and process she had been doing and she was simply raving about it. She looked so happy and in a better state of mind than I had seen her and so I decided to give it a go. It is tricky to explain but EFT is based on 'tapping' on the meridian points of the body whilst reciting something meaningful to yourself. It helps lower the stress and anxiety we often put on ourselves. I urge you to look up some helpful videos for a better explanation. This book fulfills 'A Book a Friend Recommended'