Life in Mascara: It's the Little Things

Friday, August 14, 2015

It's the Little Things

I was sitting at my desk the other day admiring my handiwork (read hot mess status) and was starting to get really down on myself for not being able to keep a clean house. I started to tidy things up and found that as I was putting things away, I was 'staging' some other items. When I stepped back I noticed that I was intentionally leaving out the items that were currently making me happy. It made me smile, take a moment, and just appreciate the beauty in the unorderly. 

Kate Spade Ipad cover (no longer available) and Ipad (a very thoughtful gift from Husband for my birthday).

An adorable new notepad with ALL of my names from Vistaprint

A GIANT paperclip I made using a puffy sticker representing my love for California. It will always be home. It looks great in my MAMBI.

A birthday gift to myself from the Kendra Scott color bar line. I went for the rose gold option and I couldn't be happier. Sidenote, if you register with them you can pick one item during your birthday month for 50% off. Um yyyaaaassssss!!!!

Long delicate gold necklace from Target can be seen worn here. I have been wearing it nonstop.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask in Champagne is the only thing on my lips these days. It is ALL the good things for your lips. A slight tint that brings out the summer bronze and glow from your skin. Plus it is so hydrating! Has definitely done a lot to repair my chapped summer lips. 

The cutest coffee stickers from JuJu All Over. I just want to drink coffee all day erryday so I can stick these all over my planner. Heck, I want to stick one right in the center of my forehead like a gold star. That's allowed when you are an adult. But seriously, this Etsy shop has some of the cutest stickers out there. I live all my Disney and Super Hero dreams through them. Head over there and show them some love and if you order something from them, let them know I sent you. I would love for them to know I am helping to spread the word. They deserve it! And no I do not get anything in return, I just support small businesses and this shop is one of them. 

Life has a funny way of making us stop when we need it the most. I've crashed. I've burned. I don't want to do that again. Instead I choose to be appreciative of what I have, not just the materialistic items that serve as eye candy and a gentle push at catching my attention, but of all that God has given me. Happy Friday everyone. Much love and blessings your way!

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