Life in Mascara: My Plans May Not Be God's Plans

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Plans May Not Be God's Plans

After my summer trip back home to L.A., I was ready to get back into my daily routine. School would start back up again which would mean I would be back at work within days of arriving. I began to ease back into my daily life, enjoying my last days of summer. Having already plans for an end of summer beach trip and two competitive runs, I began to look at my running schedule. I had purchased new running shoes ready for when my toe healed and I was ready to hit the pavement. I was eager to get back into it. My heart was ready to run a full marathon and to pray the rosary during the hardest of miles. Training would begin.

Then I broke my toe and all my running plans came to a screeching halt. Both runs had to be canceled and replaced with a visit to the Podiatrist. I was not amused. In fact, I was down right upset. I was finally at a point where I knew I was ready. I had asked God to show me the way, to tell me in my heart when I should take the leap and just run my heart out for Him. He gave that to me and now He was taking it away? It just didn't seem fair to me. 

As the pain subsided and my anger faded, my prayers kept turning to Him for clarity. I wanted Him to show me the way again and help me understand. I began to think about all the things I had on my plate months ago when I began on this journey and what I had going on now (aside from an added broken toe). Had things changed? Yes. Had I changed? Yes. Would training be more difficult? Yes, probably so. Was it an the end of the day the best thing for my body at this time to put the stress of running 23.2 miles on a big toe which refuses to heal almost a year later? More than likely not. God gave me a plan and then changed it for me as I changed in order to better prepare me for when my time really came. I hear you Lord. I am listening. I will be ready when you call me again. 

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