Life in Mascara: This Week in My MAMBI Happy Planner

Monday, August 24, 2015

This Week in My MAMBI Happy Planner

As summer comes to a close and the kids return to school, the adults that work in a school need one more adventure. So off I go this weekend with the girls to an end of summer beach trip. So obviously I went a little heavy with the stickers this week, especially on the weekend. Primarily I used the Michael's sticker books but still used some of my trusty Etsy shop stickers.

Sidenote: I had someone ask me how my husband still lets me go out with my girlfriends. After the initial shock and surely eye twitch this remark left me I simply said my husband does not have to 'let me' do anything. He does not see me as his possession. We have a relationship built upon mutual friendship and trust and we both support and encourage each others endeavors. That being said, I spent 10 years being considered someones possession. No more and never again. 

Arrow, crockpot, popsicle, and car- Pookie Bear Cuties

Brunch eggs and bacon- Planner Heaven

Long blue flag, short red flag, and little envelope- The Planner Junkie

Weigh in Sticker and short red flag- Sweet Kawaii Design

Don't forget to show me how you plan using #planwithmascara.

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