Life in Mascara: September 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

1 Year Anniversary and Giveaway

Life in Mascara turns 1! Yes, it has been a year now since I rewrote my first post and relaunched this blog. I have poured my heart into it and I hope it shows. To all of you that have consistently been reading, or have occasionally stopped by, I thank you so very much! It means so much to me and it is what keeps me coming back with more ideas to share.

It started as a beauty blog, it quickly merged into life. That is why I chose the byline 'Where Beauty and Life Meet'. Beauty is a huge part of my life but I do have a life aside from it that I want to share with you.

In celebration of this day I want to give something back to you. I will be giving away this planner and goodies over on my Instagram (@lifeinmascara). To enter simply follow my Instagram account and my Youtube channel. Then tag a friend on my Instagram post that might want to enter as well. Easy enough! I will announce the winner on my Instagram on October 7.

I am excited to keep going with Life in Mascara and can't wait to see what fun projects are to come. I hope you continue on this journey with me. 

Much love and blessings your way! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Plan With Me in The Happy Planner

Going with my Fall theme (did you catch my video?) I used this adorable fox sticker sheet from The Planner Junkie. I will admit I love how it still has a lot of the flower details to it because I am not in full Fall mode (getting there...) and it gave me a chance to finally use my grass washi tape. I do like to buy full theme sheets because it takes the guess work out of decorating. I did add in some life stickers from Stickeriffic. Maybe next week I will go full on Fall with leaves and pumpkins and all the pumpkin spice latte stickers I can get (I may or may not have about 3 sheets of them).

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Fall Tag

It's Fall Y'all! It's still blazing hot in Texas. We had a tiny storm this weekend and temperatures cooled down a bit (like 5 degrees but I'll take it!). Taking advantage of that I filmed a Fall Favorites Tag for you guys. I hope you enjoy it! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Plan With Me in The Happy Planner

I really wanted to get this up for you guys on Monday but you know LIFE and such. So here is the spread for this week. I never write in black ink (like ever!) and this was my first time doing so in my planner. It may be insignificant to all of you but this is like jumping a major hurdle. I have mixed feelings about it but I won't deny that it makes the stickers stand out a bit more. Are you guys more of a black and blue ink when it comes to planning or colored ink?

Nurse by JuJu All Over

Take out box and hedgehog by Pookie Bear Cuties

Laundry basket by Stickeriffic

Mickey and Minnie and grocery bag by Planner Heaven 

Movie Marquee, weekend banner, and page flag by The Planner Junkie

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Day of Autumn and It's The Little Things

Today is the first day of Autumn and it is a cool 94 degrees here in Texas. The concept of seasons alludes me but I can play along if it means the return of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte though I have to wear shorts to help cool down from this pipping hot drink. Pinterest is swarming with diy recipes on this iconic Fall treat but I am certain I will ruin it beyond measure and will be off it forever and I simply cannot afford that. The thing is this is something that I look forward to. The anticipation of waiting for its release, looking forward to the day I get to go, and then actually having this delicious treat. It's a whole experience and yes it did make it to my monthly Life List. This year was the first time trying it as a frap as per Husbands suggestions (smart man that he is) and it was ALL the good things. Craving satisfied. Now if I can do something about my need to own ALL the Starbucks drinkware... On my radar this, this, and this

Along with my ongoing Life List is really focusing on the little things. Of course my #PSL was one of them. But so were the last figs of the season, a fresh mint mani, and (gasp!) a turning leaf. What is making you smile these days?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Office Inspiration

Ever since I saw this office on the mailer invite to The Everygirl,
I have been lusting for it. So clean and minimal. It is what I am drawn to. I have modeled my current office after it as much as I can but I wanted to gather some other ideas for you.

2. Anthropologie Mugs (available during holiday season)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Special Saturday: I Accept.

I watched a coworker have an all out drag out with a printer the other day. After her monumental fit, it still didn't print for her. I watched another coworker walk out from the conference room behind her and over to me. 

"Hey, I sent you an email. Can you print the attachment for me? The printer doesn't work." she said.

As she walked back to the conference room, our other coworker was still banging on the printer obviously not willing to concede 
defeat to a piece of technology. In my head I thought 'why not accept and move on?' and instantly I had my answer, 'because sometimes, we just can't'.

There is this innate force in each of us that wants us to have everything perfectly set before us. We do not want to struggle. We do not want to work for it. We want things handed to us. And when they don't, we melt down. Not all of us are reasonable thinkers. How much easier would it be to take a moment and simply say 'I accept' and move on? 

But it's not easy. Learning to accept what we cannot control is difficult. And that is why most of us don't do it. I am guilty of this. I carry with me many hurt feelings of my past. I see the scars and my impulsive ways to lash out when something brings up a memory. I constantly work on letting go. I guess what I should have been working all along was accepting.

But this doesn't just apply to the past. It applies to the present as well. When you come upon an obstacle that you cannot overcome, accept it. Accept it and move on. Think reasonably what you can do next to dissipate it and if it can't be, that too is ok. What is your next step? You will see how much time and energy can be saved by this. The alternative sometimes is the sweetest answer.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Plan 4 Positivity

I am always searching for ways to become a more positive person. It doesn't come naturally to me and I can be my own dark cloud. But I have been taking this approach to it for months now and I wanted to share it with you. I have taken my love for planners and began to incorporate a daily positive meditation. Just taking this small step has really but a positive spin to my days. 

Please subscribe to my channel. It is in its early stages but I am trying my best.

Much love and blessings your way!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

House to Home #4

Its been a bit since I did one of these posts but in all honesty, I haven't really picked up anything for our house lately. I just haven't been inspired to and I find it difficult to have a vision when our house is still being remodeled. What I am trying to avoid is buying a bunch of random things and then they all not going together once I start to assemble them. 

One piece I did know I wanted was a mirrored tray and this one could not be more perfect with its rose gold color. For now it will live on my coffee table holding my beloved September issues (and our mysterious subscription to Entertainment Weekly that one day began to arrive in my name).

I am just a sucker for cute and dainty white butter dishes with little animal figurines on them. I place them around the house as catchalls. I find it is a more secure place to put those earrings that began to bother you while watching t.v. than in your pocket and then discovering only one in the wash (sad day little studs). So when I came across this adorable tray with a mouse on it, it was love at first sight. Is it a butter dish or a cheese plate? Do not know, do not care. It has a mouse on it with gold flecks. Pretty much all that matters.

Both items were found at T.J. Max where I practiced excellent self control and did not buy the notebook section. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Plan With Me in The Happy Planner

Here is this week in my Me & My Big Ideas The Happy Planner. I am looking forward for this weekends trip to Houston with Husband to visit some friends. This is also my first time incorporating cardstock paper elements and I was really excited about it. I purchased a pack at Michael's with various sized journaling cards and cutouts. The travel ones fit right in with this weeks plans.

All shops are properly tagged on my Instagram and don't forget to use #planwithmascara so I can see what your planners look like.

Clothes line and planner sticker- Stickeriffic

Flower sticker- The Planner Junkie

Tooth Sticker and Pancake Stack Sticker- Pookie Bear Cuties

Book Stack sticker and Weekend Banner- Little Surprise Shoppe

Stripped Box Sticker- Two Lil' Bees

Friday, September 11, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Book Haul And Starting YouTube

Well I took the plunge. I started my YouTube channel. This is something that I wanted to start from the beginning but honestly had no idea how. It took some time and effort and some fails but I figured out how to at least load and sort of edit a video. I kept thinking how the lighting wasn't ideal, how I wished I looked better on camera, and so on and so on but I think you need to just start! One of the things I like to do on some of my favorite YouTuber's is to look back at their first videos and see how they started and how far they've come. I identify with them in that way and I hope you do with me as well. I hope this is the start of something great for Life in KNOW this is the start of something great for Life in Mascara. I hope you believe in me and this project as I do. Much love and blessings your way. 

How I Take Care of Sun Burned Skin

As  I previously mentioned in this post, I spent the weekend recently at the beach with friends. While I always have a lovely time, I worry a bit about my skin. I am slightly allergic to SPF. It always makes my skin itch and break out. I have been using one from Trader Joe's and while my skin accepts it for the most part, it only contains SPF 30 which means I will still get some sun. 

Because Texas summers last well into Christmas (o.k. sometimes they end earlier and sometimes they never end) I knew I was headed into strong heat. I did the best I could. I even wore a hat which I never do because I have a huge head and I don't need anything else attracting attention to it and also because I can't ever find a hat big enough for my huge head. Well I did come away with minimal burning to my body and face but it is still sensitive and my nose and chin have begun to peel.

By now I know that the key to re-hydrating dehydrated skin is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. But applying thick layers of lotion on the skin is not the answer. Instead, I like to go in with several moisturizing products that will help calm my skin.

I start with a gentle face wash that is soap and paraben free. I have been reaching for The Body Shop Aloe Vera Gentle Face Wash and gently massaging it into my skin and rinsing with warm water. After I pat it dry very gently as the towel can lift peeling skin. Next I go in with Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner. I have moved some over to a spray bottle so as not to tug on my skin with a cotton pad. I then go in with a face oil and I am still loving Boots Botanics Organic Face Oil. I do go in rather heavy with this and take it down to my neck and chest. It absorbs quickly so don't worry about glistening like Edward Cullen for long. 

Eye cream is applied next but I don't worry much about that one as I normally always have a light version of it. Finally I apply lotion and if it wasn't evident before, I aim for things that are scent free and geared towards sensitive skin. Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Moisturizer is scent free, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, moisturizing, and aimed at dry and sensitive skin. Yes please to all! It is so light and just what my skin needs when it is irritated. I wish they made it in a giant tub so I could apply it everywhere. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a luminosity behind that just makes your skin look nourished. I love this stuff!

For my body I forgo scented body butters and really just go in with a body oil and baby lotion. I find that any additional scents will just irritate my skin. I also make sure to drink lots and lots of water to help replenish the moisture I lost. I drink a gallon of water a day but I am bad about it on weekends. Not during sun burned times though. Chug that H2O!

Finally I try to wear as little or no makeup as possible to allow my skin to breathe and heal. But since I can't very well go looking like a troll to work, I make sure to wash it off as soon as I get home and douse my face with e.l.f. Studio Revitalizing Mist as often as possible. This contains witch hazel, rosemary, chamomile, aloe, honeysuckle, aloe, and vitamin B. It helps balance and moisturize your skin and well as increase circulation for a more youthful appearance. I'll take that any day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Plan With Me: The Happy Planner

If I am being honest, I actually filmed my first YouTube video Plan With Me on this layout. I had to get creative and use a selfie stick with my phone because I do not own a tripod. It took me 3 hours to even learn how to edit this less than stellar video but I thought 'I have to start some time'. So once I got it down to an acceptable 7 minute spot, I hit some magical button and I deleted it. Yup. I have no idea what I did but it was back to its original 23 minute length and I was out of time before life came calling. Yes it made me upset and very frustrated but there was nothing I could do and I just needed to take it as it was. I still wanted you guys to see this weeks layout, so here it is. 

If any of you out there have any tips on editing on the actual YouTube editor, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate any tips. 

Main theme stickers- The Wishi Washi Shop

Notepad on Wednesday- JuJu All Over

Laundrey Basket- Stickeriffic

Mop- Little Surprise Shoppe

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Fruits of Our Labor

I started working when I was 18. I did it because my $20 allowance didn't cover all the makeup I wanted (oh yes the obsession really started around age 5). I became used to the routine of school, work, and play. I looked for opportunities of growth and took new jobs as they came with financial increases. With it came independence and self reliance. With it also came work pride. My father taught me the value of a dollar and instilled in me the work ethic I abide by to this day. Being able to work is a blessing even though at times it may not feel like it. But it is what provides for human interaction, for helping with house expenses, and for getting me out of my blue pajama pants that I would gladly wear daily until the end of my days. I am proud to have a place to go to everyday and be a contributing member of society. Look around at what you have built and stand a little bit taller for all those long hours have paid. off. Happy Labor Day! 

Much love and blessings your way!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Life Lists and It's the Little Things

I am a chronic lister. I mean, who doesn't love a good list? It puts everything that you need in a clean and orderly format right in front of you. Plus you get to buy all the fun pens, notebooks, and notepads to go with it. And then you buy more, and more, and you go into hoarder status but that might just very well be me and not you (it's you too, isn't it?). Now as my lists go, I do have one that has been ongoing since my college days and it is my Life List.

Now my list is rather tame in my opinion in comparison to others in that it forgoes entries of 'skydiving' and replaced with entries of 'learn how to bake a pie'. Priorities. I have them. However, this is MY life and that is the whole point of having a personal life list. I like the feeling I get when I get to date in my entry of when I completed a task. Oh the satisfaction! 

Now this year I also began doing monthly events to give me something to look forward to so I wouldn't suffer from withdrawals of the holiday buzz. It was during this same time that I came across the blog Paper & Glam by Lisamarie and I discovered her concept of seasonal living. She basically takes each month and makes a monthly list of all things to celebrate. Big or small; new or in remembrance. I thought this was a fun concept but some of the things on her list didn't work for me. And so they shouldn't because again that is her list and not MY Life List. So I wanted to take my love of listing, monthly events, and her seasonal living concept and mash them up together and see what I could come up with.

What really ended up happening was that I began to focus on the little things that made my week really stand out. They made me take refuge in those instances where my heart was full and my smile wide. Where no matter what else was going on, all was right with the world at that particular moment. Not going to lie, a lot of them revolved around food being the major foodie that I am. But other moments involved downloading that book my cousin recommended to me. It was like seeing sparks on what could well have been a dark time. As I have said many times, you choose the life you want to live and I choose not to live in the dark anymore. I choose the light. I choose to see. 

The little things that made me smile:

A relaxing pedicure now that both toes have healed.

A decadent lunch paired with glossy September issues.

I'm sure I looked like a creeper taking a picture of the men's bathroom but I was happy to see the 'baby changing station' sign on the door. Yes, it is needed and it was about time!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

End of Summer Beach Trip

This weekend I took a quick little getaway with my girlfriends to North Padre Island. The drive is a straight shot into the city then a very long slightly scary bridge into the island. Over the course of the weekend I ate my weight in chips, gummy candy, and Slim Jims.

There is something about the ocean that is so relaxing to me. I love the water. I am not afraid to swim out. I am more creeped out by the random school of fish that rubs up against me through a crashing wave (its the slimy feeling actually). Just looking out over the horizon, seeing the sky blur into the water, the sleepy feeling you get from the sun blazing down on you I can't help but feeling God's power through it all. The constant question that runs through my mind is "How can you see all of this and not believe God is real?".

I had nothing on my mind just laying there, finally enjoying a moment of peace after a hectic work week and the dark cloud of my past that resurfaced. I enjoyed listening to the constant chatter of my girlfriends who are textbook twins in that you never know where one ends and the other begins. They are nice girls, driven, passionate, and I love them that much for it. I had the comfort of knowing my family was at home with a fun weekend planned and I didn't have to worry that my husband would be upset at my having left or because he had to fare with the dogs and the boys alone. Not at all. He does not depend on me to live. He depends on me to be. 

I drove away wishing I had a few more hours of beach time left, of girl time, of zero responsibility. But I also longed to get home to my family, to planning our next girls adventure, to continue to grow this blog. I am thankful for the life I have, for the love and support of my family and friends, and for having finally reached the clarity I needed to enjoy the sacrament of the ordinary. 

Much love and blessings your way! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This Week in My Happy Planner

Lord, bless this mess! This is just a corner of my desk with a bit of the mess that I make when I plan. But I wanted you to see it and not the styled Instagram picture (@lifeinmascara) that we normally see. And you know what? The mess is o.k. Creativity is messy but the outcome is beautiful.

This week I have a lot of little tasks I need to accomplish so I decided to use this sampler set from PlannerHeaven. It literally had every single sticker I needed to complete my week. I did add two quote stickers I printed off myself and one from Me and My Big Ideas Sticker Books

Tried to get in close here so you could see how I actually write in my tasks. For some reason, I really like seeing that on planner videos. Mainly it is because I like to see everyone's handwriting. Mine slants to the left. True story husband once told me my writing made him dizzy. Mind you we weren't dating yet, VERY far from it. I'm sure now he thinks it's beautiful as I pen him the next greatest American novel in the cards I give him for special occasions (cue evil laugh). 

Don't forget to tag me in all your planner fun with #planwithmascara. And as you saw I will be buying (read massively overhauling the bookstore) new books this weekend so let me know which books I need to add to my list (list on the left margin) by tweeting me @lifeinmascara.