Life in Mascara: House to Home #4

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

House to Home #4

Its been a bit since I did one of these posts but in all honesty, I haven't really picked up anything for our house lately. I just haven't been inspired to and I find it difficult to have a vision when our house is still being remodeled. What I am trying to avoid is buying a bunch of random things and then they all not going together once I start to assemble them. 

One piece I did know I wanted was a mirrored tray and this one could not be more perfect with its rose gold color. For now it will live on my coffee table holding my beloved September issues (and our mysterious subscription to Entertainment Weekly that one day began to arrive in my name).

I am just a sucker for cute and dainty white butter dishes with little animal figurines on them. I place them around the house as catchalls. I find it is a more secure place to put those earrings that began to bother you while watching t.v. than in your pocket and then discovering only one in the wash (sad day little studs). So when I came across this adorable tray with a mouse on it, it was love at first sight. Is it a butter dish or a cheese plate? Do not know, do not care. It has a mouse on it with gold flecks. Pretty much all that matters.

Both items were found at T.J. Max where I practiced excellent self control and did not buy the notebook section. 

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