Life in Mascara: Plan With Me: The Happy Planner

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Plan With Me: The Happy Planner

If I am being honest, I actually filmed my first YouTube video Plan With Me on this layout. I had to get creative and use a selfie stick with my phone because I do not own a tripod. It took me 3 hours to even learn how to edit this less than stellar video but I thought 'I have to start some time'. So once I got it down to an acceptable 7 minute spot, I hit some magical button and I deleted it. Yup. I have no idea what I did but it was back to its original 23 minute length and I was out of time before life came calling. Yes it made me upset and very frustrated but there was nothing I could do and I just needed to take it as it was. I still wanted you guys to see this weeks layout, so here it is. 

If any of you out there have any tips on editing on the actual YouTube editor, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate any tips. 

Main theme stickers- The Wishi Washi Shop

Notepad on Wednesday- JuJu All Over

Laundrey Basket- Stickeriffic

Mop- Little Surprise Shoppe

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