Life in Mascara: Plan With Me in The Happy Planner

Friday, September 25, 2015

Plan With Me in The Happy Planner

I really wanted to get this up for you guys on Monday but you know LIFE and such. So here is the spread for this week. I never write in black ink (like ever!) and this was my first time doing so in my planner. It may be insignificant to all of you but this is like jumping a major hurdle. I have mixed feelings about it but I won't deny that it makes the stickers stand out a bit more. Are you guys more of a black and blue ink when it comes to planning or colored ink?

Nurse by JuJu All Over

Take out box and hedgehog by Pookie Bear Cuties

Laundry basket by Stickeriffic

Mickey and Minnie and grocery bag by Planner Heaven 

Movie Marquee, weekend banner, and page flag by The Planner Junkie

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