Life in Mascara: Special Saturday: I Accept.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Special Saturday: I Accept.

I watched a coworker have an all out drag out with a printer the other day. After her monumental fit, it still didn't print for her. I watched another coworker walk out from the conference room behind her and over to me. 

"Hey, I sent you an email. Can you print the attachment for me? The printer doesn't work." she said.

As she walked back to the conference room, our other coworker was still banging on the printer obviously not willing to concede 
defeat to a piece of technology. In my head I thought 'why not accept and move on?' and instantly I had my answer, 'because sometimes, we just can't'.

There is this innate force in each of us that wants us to have everything perfectly set before us. We do not want to struggle. We do not want to work for it. We want things handed to us. And when they don't, we melt down. Not all of us are reasonable thinkers. How much easier would it be to take a moment and simply say 'I accept' and move on? 

But it's not easy. Learning to accept what we cannot control is difficult. And that is why most of us don't do it. I am guilty of this. I carry with me many hurt feelings of my past. I see the scars and my impulsive ways to lash out when something brings up a memory. I constantly work on letting go. I guess what I should have been working all along was accepting.

But this doesn't just apply to the past. It applies to the present as well. When you come upon an obstacle that you cannot overcome, accept it. Accept it and move on. Think reasonably what you can do next to dissipate it and if it can't be, that too is ok. What is your next step? You will see how much time and energy can be saved by this. The alternative sometimes is the sweetest answer.

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