Life in Mascara: This Week in My Happy Planner

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This Week in My Happy Planner

Lord, bless this mess! This is just a corner of my desk with a bit of the mess that I make when I plan. But I wanted you to see it and not the styled Instagram picture (@lifeinmascara) that we normally see. And you know what? The mess is o.k. Creativity is messy but the outcome is beautiful.

This week I have a lot of little tasks I need to accomplish so I decided to use this sampler set from PlannerHeaven. It literally had every single sticker I needed to complete my week. I did add two quote stickers I printed off myself and one from Me and My Big Ideas Sticker Books

Tried to get in close here so you could see how I actually write in my tasks. For some reason, I really like seeing that on planner videos. Mainly it is because I like to see everyone's handwriting. Mine slants to the left. True story husband once told me my writing made him dizzy. Mind you we weren't dating yet, VERY far from it. I'm sure now he thinks it's beautiful as I pen him the next greatest American novel in the cards I give him for special occasions (cue evil laugh). 

Don't forget to tag me in all your planner fun with #planwithmascara. And as you saw I will be buying (read massively overhauling the bookstore) new books this weekend so let me know which books I need to add to my list (list on the left margin) by tweeting me @lifeinmascara.  

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