Life in Mascara: Reading Challenge Update #7

Friday, October 2, 2015

Reading Challenge Update #7

This month saw me picking up my reading game a bit more (more on that later). I really enjoyed all three books. They were all a bit suspenseful and just kept me really engaged. Two of these are actually in production for a movie with The Martian releasing last night. Now if someone can answer my prayers and make the entire Dorothy Must Die series into a movie as well I'd be set. 

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins covers "A book set in a different country" for the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge. This book was just wow! Think along the lines of Gone Girl. It has it all. Love, love triangles (yes more than one), murder, and mystery. Just so much emotion. I was hooked within minutes of starting it. I am eager for the movie to come out but I am glad I read it first. I do hope they stick to the story line because I can't image them changing anything. It would alter the course of the book entirely and this is one of those books where all the characters are intertwined.

The Wizard Returns by Danielle Paige covers "A book published this year". It's not so much a book as it is a novella but let's all just pretend and go with it. Sshhh! A secret among reading buddies. I have raved about this series and each book just gets me deeper and deeper into the saga. Someone please make this into a movie! I love how Paige is making these novellas in between her main series books to continue the story from a different perspective. It often explains things a bit further and you get the whole "oh I get it now!" moment. 

The Martian by Andy Weir is "A book that became a movie". Guys...this book! By now most of you have the idea of the story line since this movie premiered last night and trust me husband and I were there, but it is so much more! The sheer brilliance of Weir on how he came up with astronomical (pun intended) solutions to these NASA sized problems was beyond me. I wanted to know if Weir was in fact a scientist or an astronaut or was his best friend one. His profile states he is "a lifelong space nerd" and "a devoted hobbyist of subjects like relative physics, orbital mechanics, and the history of manned space flight". Then I went 'oh ok that explains it'. Which then led to 'man how can so much brains fit into one man'. Which in turn led to hurt feelings because I wasn't that nerdy. However I felt redeemed when the Council of Elrond was mentioned and I knew exactly what they meant by it. I have decided that Weir is my new best friend in a non creepy/stalker way. Since the entire main story line has the main character alone on Mars I wondered how they were going to make the monologue not bore the masses in the movie with all the big scary technical jargon and mathematical equations. But they did a great job adapting it and they only changed a thing or two towards the end and I could justify it or else we would have needed an additional hour. It did not alter the main story line at all. What I was not expecting from this book was the humor. It was hilarious! Dry, sarcastic humor which husband and I are all about. During the movie we were busting out laughing and at one point I leaned over and told husband that we were the only ones laughing. I hope the humor wasn't lost on everybody. Honestly, I can't wait to watch this movie again. 

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