Life in Mascara: Plan With Me In The Happy Planner

Monday, November 16, 2015

Plan With Me In The Happy Planner

Stickers seem to be put on the back burner because yet again I can't stop using these fun cut outs! Could this be the end of stickers as we know it? Um no. As soon as I started filling this out I pulled out a bunch of my life planner stickers and started sticking away.

Anyways, this week is really special since on the 22nd husband and I will be married for 1 year. I can't even believe time has gone by that fast. Even after all the stickers happened, I left a lot of blank space so I can go back afterwards and put some pictures. I also inserted this fun 'I Heart My Family' journaling tab from SMASH. The rest of these cut outs are from packets I found at Marshalls and TJ Max.

Do you like my paperclip? Here is my video on how to make them. 

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