Life in Mascara: The Importance of Disconnecting

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Importance of Disconnecting

The amount of tech items that I attach myself to daily is embarrassing. I mean do we even know how to function without some kind of internet connection? You undoubtedly have felt the instant panic when you realize your cell phone is missing from the palm of your hand only to feel the instant relief when you feel it nestled into your back pocket. It's sad, isn't it? How much we rely on these gadgets? I am just as bad, obviously, and I never really gave it a second thought until I saw just how addicting it was becoming. 

Granted I spend a lot of time online because of my job (and this blog) but it was my time 'spent' with others that I am talking about. Conversations were being held and I was just 'uhuhing' and kept on scrolling through my feed. Whether that person seemed to mind or not I do not know. They may not have even noticed because they are guilty of it themselves. But I didn't like the anxiety that was building inside of me when I would see that I had missed the 'flash sale' because I wasn't online at the time or the 'I didn't know that happened' moments. Worse even is spending an evening at home and the next day thinking 'Did I even see my husband?'. 

I began making a conscious effort to put my phone aside as much as I could. It was almost painful at first to not leap at the ding. "Now what do I do?" I thought. Hold a conversation. What a concept, right?  

For my mental clarity, I try to be alone with my thoughts at least once a day. It is the time where I plot and plan and scheme and destroy my mental obstacles. I pray, I laugh at old memories, and sometimes I even cry. I need that time to just be me with me and be ready to be me with others. It allows me to sort my thoughts to further share them with others. Honestly, it helps my peace and I believe it opens me up to others as well. I want to open heatedly reach out to my loved ones and make connections and memories and even take selfies. But I want that phone to go straight back into my back pocket and not come out. I have even started to silence it in the evenings and check it in passing. No event is more important than the time spent with my loves and I want to give them all of my attention. 


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this posting. Thanks for this reminder that I needed to hear, to put the gadgets down and be more present with my loved ones!

    1. It can be so difficult to unglue ourselves from our gadgets but nothing is more important than family right?