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Friday, December 4, 2015

Plan With Me In The Happy Planner

Who wants to hear a fun story? I was eating dinner on Tuesday night. It was amazing for all those who are food lovers by the way. My parents are in town and my Mami cooked for me. When I was finished, I felt something stuck in my molar. I used floss and a toothpick and I felt something move. Out came half of my wisdom tooth. I mean how!!! I immediately called my dentist and schedule to go in the next morning. Long story short, I am one molar less. I am so thankful that even though the removal process was a bit painful, it was more my nerves that made me cry and not the pain. But my dentist is so sweet she cooed at me like if I was a baby, covered me with a blankie, and fixed my hair. I appreciated that. 

Anyways the point to my story is that I wanted to get a video up today but for obvious reasons, I was unable to film (or pronounce anything without adding multiple 's' to it) for a couple of days. I thought I would still share my spread in my Happy Planner even though it is the end of the week. Did you catch my last planner video? You can watch it here. Do you like my paperclips? Let me show you how to make them here

Cookie plate and mug, Christmas light bulb, Reindeer head from Oh So Fawn

Bath & Body Works bag, Michaels logo from Planner Bowtique.

Taco banner, blue page flag, Theater marquee, and credit card from Stickeriffic.  

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