Friday, January 15, 2016


How are we half way into the first month of the year? My Christmas decor is still embarrassing up in most places of my house. I guess I should really get on that. Honestly I have been busy just getting back into the groove of things after being off work and blogging for 2 weeks. A girl can really get used to no makeup, house pants, and a messy bun. Sigh...

With all the holiday rush gone, it can be easy to feel a void of excitement. Almost like you have nothing to look forward to. Last year in order to combat this I decided to do monthly events that would ensure something was on the horizon. 

This weekend was the first of such events. We all come together as a family to celebrate a birthday. We planned it in two days, all pitched in, and probably had one of the best times together. It was cold as Texas can be and we all huddled by the fire talking, laughing, and eating. As the night got on I looked around and I saw my family smiling just enjoying each other's company. It was the most relaxed I had ever seen them be. It was beautiful. No holiday frills, no dressing up, no elaborate spread. Just us, the grill, the fire, and some marshmallows. Oh and my boot kinda caught on fire but not really. The sole warped and bubbled and smoked but my foot was warm so its all good. Anyways, we stayed there a good amount of time and when we drove away, I left with a full heart. There was no message clearer to me than we are meant to live and love in community. Family is the basis of our lives and we must nurture it together. The energy and support that you will receive from them is invaluable. It was a wonderful benediction to receive to begin the year.

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