Tuesday, February 16, 2016


A few weeks ago I was preparing for a girls weekend in Houston with my best friend. Normally when I go to her house I take only the bare essentials because truth be told, I like to raid her beauty stash (and openly steal all her hair clips). I mean how else do we beauty junkies find out about what else is out there in the beauty world than by our besties? 

As I was paring down my makeup I was having a difficult time closing (read shoving) my makeup bag with all my brushes in it. Without really thinking about it I grabbed my Beauty Blender and tossed it in the bag and took out my flat top kabuki brush. I peered in the bag and then took out my concealer brush since the Beauty Blender can do that too. I took a closer look and thought 'well if I pack a liquid highlight then the highlight brush can go too'. And so it did. You could basically hear the sigh of relief my makeup bag gave out as I zipped it closed.

Upon arriving in Houston I decided to have a full on allergy attack complete with hot sessions of me making out with my inhaler. My skin was instantly dehydrated and blotchy. Luckily we had a spa day scheduled for Saturday so I didn't have to look put together (human) that day. But come Sunday we had a lovely brunch scheduled and I was still look rough that morning. I sat before the mirror willing it to tell me I was still the fairest one of them all (I didn't) and I went to work on my flushed face. Out popped the Beauty Blender and within a few bops my base was done. And I was flawless. As in I woke up this way without allergies. It was a beauty miracle! I was using the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation which gives such a lovely luminous effect that my skin clearly needed but never before had I seen it go on so evenly and with such great even coverage. I had the Beauty Blender to thank for that! Without pause I busted out the concealer which I was in desperate need of and then this glorious Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone and bopped that all over. Trust me when I say I needed the glow. 

Within minutes my face was transformed and I had only one beauty tool to thank! What took me so long to get on this bandwagon?  I may never go back. My brushes may just get a deep cleaning and be put away for the time being. Just maybe...

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