Tuesday, March 15, 2016


For as long as I can remember I have been loyal to MAC Boot Black liquid liner. But then disaster struck and it seemed as though they had changed their formula. It began to flake and my the end of the day I had random black flecks and smears on my face. I was really gutted about parting ways with it as it was long wearing, matte, and as black as my soul but it just wasn't worth its price any more. Since then I have tried every drug store option available with a few strong contenders in the L'Oreal range but still none had the same lasting power and pigmentation as my previous beloved. 

And so the hunt continued until...

Enter Marc Jacob's Magic Marc'er Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Blacquer. It is described as being inspired by a calligraphy pen, waterproof, and extreme wear. Yes to all of it! It draws the finest line along the lashes allowing you to keep it that way or thickening it up little by little. And the wing that it draws, prepare to cut glass with it. So fine! So precise! And let me tell you it sets in the blink of an eye but don't be alarmed as the point is so accurate you won't be messing up with it. It dries to a semi matte with a bit of shine which I can learn to live with because the product is such a dream to use I don't mind it. I find that I don't have to press down on it to get the tip to draw on my eyelid. It simply flows. It has lasted all day, through allergy eyes, and even when I practically put my face inside a 425 degree oven to baste my Cornish Hens and literally felt the woosh of my eyelashes trying to singe off. I ran to the bathroom eyes blurry and was terrified to look in the mirror. I looked. My eyeliner was flawless! Oh and my eyelashes were fine. Funny enough they actually appeared to have been freshly curled. But I wouldn't recommend that method at all! 

As far as it coming off I have used eye makeup remover oil, makeup remover towelette, and face wash. There was no tugging and no going back in with more product. It came right off without any residue. 

Could this finally be the one for me? I will say it will definitely be tough to beat! 

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