Friday, April 1, 2016


At one point in my life, I dreaded going home. I was so unhappy and the last person I wanted to see was my then boyfriend. My commute home at that time was around 20 minutes and man did I make those 20 minutes last. Often times I would walk around aimlessly at the last stores that were open during my closing shifts. It would be past 9 p.m. and there I was at Target and Barnes & Noble, walking up and down the aisles just looking around. 

I particularly spent a lot of time at Barnes & Noble those nights because I can get lost in a bookstore for hours. I loved looking at all the pretty glossy book covers and making list after list of books that I wanted to read. I was always drawn to the Fiction section with fun covered books with fashion type female illustrations. They all looked so care free and glamorous; the complete opposite of what I looked like. It was during my scanning of these titles that I came across a book titled Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. The diamond ring illustration popped out at me as I sarcastically scoffed that this would never be for me. As I placed it back I noticed that next to it were Something Blue, Baby Proof, Love the One You're With, and Heart of The Matter (the other books had not been released yet). I assumed they were all in a series and all about finding true love and getting married and living happily ever after. I was never going to get married so these books were not for me. I moved on...

...and then I kept coming back. For some reason, those books kept drawing my attention. I never fully read the back summary of them or looked them up online. I was just drawn to the cover and to the titles. To me they symbolized the promise of true love and forever; two things I just didn't see in my future. I told myself that these books weren't for me and I could not identify with what I thought was the theme. But still, as things at home kept getting worse and I worked up more and more of my courage to walk away from this harmful relationship I realized that these things could be for me. And to my horror at the time, they were things that deep down inside I did want. In order not to drown myself in more misery than I already was I told myself that if I ever found true love I would read these books right before I was married. There! That settled it. I had made a plan for myself and it was time to put the books away and sort out my life. 

That was in 2012. Two weeks ago I married the love of my life in a Catholic ceremony before our family and closest friends. I found true love. We are happily living the sacrament of marriage and these books are lovingly living on our bookshelf. All read. All mine. I started around February as I am a fast reader I knew I could get through them. As I started to read them I laughed when I realized that while yes love and marriage played an underlining theme, it wasn't all fairy tales. Meaning that I could have read these books years ago and been o.k. with them. But I am a firm believer that a message can get lost in translation if you are not in the right frame of mind to receive it and I think I would not have enjoyed these books as much as I did now. 

These books years ago gave me hope for a future simply by their title and cover. And yes I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but I did and I am happy to report that I was right. Now I build my future in the present with my husband by my side and my books on a shelf. 


  1. I love this post so much! It's an amazing feeling when a book sparks a change, isn't it? So glad to hear you found the right spot for you and congratulations on getting married!

    1. Thank you so much for your kinds words! These books will always have a special place in my heart.

  2. This is so neat! Isn't it crazy how that happened? Congratulations on getting married!

    Amanda ||

    1. It really is! I like that these books will always remind me of this happy time in my life.