Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Another month, another installment of 'What else did I read this month'. Let's take a look, shall we?

1. D is for Deadbeat- Another installment in the Kinsey Millhone series, Millhone has to deal with her client's dead body being found only a few days after hiring her. But the thing is, he has a very shady past and the list of people who want him dead seems to be growing by the minute. And to add to this she still has to finish the job that he hired her for, delivering a check to one of her clients victims who wants nothing to do with him.

2. E is for Evidence- In this part of the Kinsey Millhone series, Millhone is hired by her former employee to do a freelance job in insurance fraud inspection. Little does she know she is being set up to take the blame for the fire that took down the warehouse she was sent to investigate. Things get dark when she is seriously injured and her friend is killed. Millhone now must find out who is behind all of this. 

3. Eleanor & Park- Let me begin by saying that my soul was not ready for this book. All the feels guys. ALL OF THEM! The book takes place in 1986 in high school where two unlikely matched people meet. It is the story of a first love written just as a first love is: simple and with little fuss. I actually emailed my friend about it and said:

"Think The Fault in Our Stars without cancer, dying, the stupid poetry reading, and the give me my life back moments. But more like domestic abuse, intense bullying, body image, and comic books."

Clearly neither her nor I were big fans of The Fault in Our Stars. Please no one take offense to that. It just wasn't realistic to us. Anyways, this book will make you remember your first love and all the angst you felt during that time. It made me smile while I was reading. I even hugged it. I can't explain it. It has been a long time since I was moved in this way by a book. I think it was because it took me back to a time in my life that I remember with so much affection. A time I felt was cut short because I moved states and I was absolutely gutted at leaving my friends and my heart behind. 

What else did you read this month? Any book that I should add to my list?

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