Life in Mascara: FEBRUARY BOOKS

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


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February's books. Went for a "love" theme this month for obvious reasons. Love towards others and more importantly self-love which I find most of us lack.

8. Radical Self Love by @galadarling I found to be a bit kool-aid as her approaches to self-love are as the title depicts, radical. But I get it. If you do not love yourself fiercly, who will?

9. For the Love by @jenhatmaker reinforced my maternal obession for my boys backs. I simply cannot handle seeing them shirtless. If their backs are cold then surely they will have nobby knees and back issues. I instantly burrito baby them in their blankies in order to prevent it. She also talks about the love of a mother, a wife, the need for community which I so desperately long for. A very endeering book to help you get alligned in the many hats we women wear.

10. Big Magic by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer had me going 'Yes we all know you wrote Eat, Pray, Love' lady. Geez how many times can you mention it in one book? However, you somehow snuck a mesaage in there for me didn't you Mrs. Gilbert? The Big Magic that is finding your passion and after 2 years of not writing, I longed and ached to do it again. I see what you did there. Well played.

11. Julie & Julia what a fun adventure this was. Something light. Literally food for the soul. I feel like I sunk into this book simply becauase she is an Austin native who shares my devotion to tacos but lives in New York. My dream!

12. Better Than Before by @gretchenrubin Her methodical research and implementation of it into her own life is so soothing to me. Here I get a better insight as to why we have habits, why we keep them, loose them, and implement them. It gave me some good ideas on how maybe, just maybe one day I might become a regular gym goer. Then again, maybe I won't 😁 (read it an you will understand).

Open to all of your reading suggestions! #12/52 #readingchallenge

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