Life in Mascara: Horrible At Saving? Start Here!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Horrible At Saving? Start Here!

Finances are such a difficult thing to deal with. More often than not I felt like I was building my savings account only to drain it at the first unforeseen expense. When I expressed my frustration to a friend of mine she told me that that is what savings were for. To use in times of crisis. While I agree with her to an extent, that seems to be more directed for an emergency fund rather than for actual savings. This is what each means to me:

Emergency Fund- This fund is to be used when unexpected expenses occur that you could not have foreseen. For example, when our main water pipe collapsed the week before our wedding. Or when my dog took ill and was hospitalized for a week. The amount of money that you have in this account can vary depending on what your expenses but I would rather have more than less. So here think in the range of $1000 and $1500.

Savings- This is money set aside with a purpose for the future. This can be money that you are putting aside for your retirement, money to build so you can invest it later into an IRA or stocks, or even the purchase of a car. You can have various savings accounts set up designated for each specific item or you can keep it all in one and keep a ledger of how much money is for each specific thing. Personally I have three: long time savings, emergency fund, and specific item saving.

*NOTE- When faced with the loss of employment or long term chronic illness, I do see how it would be necessary to reach into both accounts to keep afloat. You worked hard for your money. Now let your money work hard for you while you figure things out. Let that be the last of your worries since you thought ahead and saved.

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